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French bulldog dog puppy welcome mat door barking bark at door training

Why Dogs Bark At The Door And What To Do About It

Do your dogs bark at the door? Ours do. They...
on September 08, 2021
Rottweiler white Swiss shepherd collie mix mixed breed mutt rescue dog six foot long standard flat lead leash collar houndstooth

The Pros Of Using A Standard Six Foot Leash

Do you know how many types of dog leashes there...
on September 06, 2021
dog mutt mixed breed sleeping sleep asleep in bed dreaming dream dreams

Do Dogs Dream And, If So, What Do They Dream About?

Experts say that humans dream at least four to six...
on August 31, 2021
australian cattle dog heeler breed trainability easy to train

10 Dog Breeds That Are Easy To Train

Whether you are looking for your first furry companion or...
on August 23, 2021
vizsla puppy dog licking baby face baby talk

Why Do Dogs Like Baby Talk?

Do you talk to your dog in a special voice?...
on August 11, 2021
mutt mixed breed dog destroy toy plush toys stuffing

Why Do Dogs Destroy Their Toys?

We love giving our dogs new toys. But no matter...
on August 09, 2021


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