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pug dog with television tv remote watching tv watch tv

Do Dogs Watch TV And, If So, Why?

Do you feel like your dog watches TV? You're not...
on November 22, 2021
mutt mixed breed dog eating dry pet food kibble

13 Dry Dog Food Brands That Have Never Been Recalled

Getting an alert that a dog food has been recalled can...
on October 20, 2021
siberian husky dog huskies sled dogs wolf wolves wolf dog

16 Dog Breeds That Look Like Wolves

No matter what breed or mix your dog is, they're...
on October 13, 2021
border collie dog herd herding livestock shepherd farm farm dogs

15 Dog Breeds That Were Made For The Farm

Did you know that there are over 2 million farms...
on October 06, 2021
golden retriever dog happy smiling in yard friendly

15 Dog Breeds That Love People, Even Strangers

Stranger danger isn't always a thing with dogs. Yes, some dogs...
on September 27, 2021
jack Russell terrier dog monstera philodendron indoor plant houseplant toxic to pets

19 Popular Houseplants That Are Toxic To Dogs

An estimated 33.1 million households in the United States had...
on September 15, 2021


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