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french bulldog dog fireworks sparkler sparklers july fourth independence day

Why Dogs Don't Like Fireworks & How To Keep Yours Calm During Them

Between fireworks, barbecues and parties, the Fourth of July is...
on June 29, 2020
french bulldog frenchie dog kiss lick face

Should You Kiss Your Dog?

If you kiss your dog, you're not alone. A 2019...
on June 22, 2020
dog car ride road trip window tongue wind

15 Tips For Going On A Road Trip With Your Dog

Dogs love exploring the world and road trips are a...
on May 18, 2020
jack russell terrier dog flowers spring springtime seasonal allergies

10 Signs Your Dog Has Seasonal Allergies

Springtime is the season of allergies for many people. In fact,...
on March 16, 2020
french bulldog dog shamrock plant poisoning saint patricks day

What Is Shamrock Poisoning In Dogs?

When we mention shamrocks, we're not talking about the green...
on March 16, 2020
cocker spaniel dogs dog puppy puppies heat cycles spaying spay neuter

10 Facts About Dog Heat Cycles And Spaying

It's estimated that over a million puppies are born each day....
on March 09, 2020


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