TIPS FOR SUBMITTING TO @thepawsitiveco

Thank you for sharing your photos with us! We love every kind of dog, no matter the shape, size, age, breed or mix. We share awesome photos that showcase amazing pups from around the world in the hopes of spreading happiness and the love of dogs. We select photos that take our breath away, melt our hearts and make us laugh, smile and say “aww!” To provide people with awesome content, we are always pushing ourselves to share great content every day. While we can’t feature every submission, here are a few guidelines to help you and your pup stand out and help us make a big impact:


The most important thing is quality. We pride ourselves on is delivering some of the best dog photography to our followers and people everywhere. We choose photos that are really clear and sharp and have good lighting. We cannot post photos that are blurry in anyway, pixelated and have extreme filters. Also, it’s preferable to submit a photo sized 1 MB and up.


A good caption can really make an already great photo stand out from the crowd. Tell us about your furry friend, their personality and adventures, what they’re doing today (lazy Sunday? Weekend plans?) or how they feel about today (Monday mood? Friday feels?). And we always love ourselves a little Monday motivation, tongue out Tuesday, wet dog Wednesday and throwback Thursday.


We love seeing a dog’s personality shine through a photo. Are they chill or rambunctious? Shy or fearless? Lazy or energetic? Show us who your pup is and capture what makes them unique with a click. On a related note, we love featuring unique dogs like mixed breeds but please let us know what mix your dog is, to the best of your knowledge so we can share his or her uniqueness!


Your photo doesn’t need to relate to current events to feature it, but if you happen to take a photo relevant to today, there’s a good chance your submission will be selected. Examples include holidays, sports and sporting events, changing seasons, among others.

Follow these guidelines to have the best chance of being featured and allow us to share the best content with dog lovers everywhere!