Instagram Submission

We're looking for photos that take our breath away, melt our hearts, make us laugh, smile and say "aww!" No matter the shape, size, age, breed or mix—learn how to have your dog featured below.



We choose photos that are clear, sharp and have good lighting. Your dog is beautiful—don't hide that with blurry photos.


A good caption engages readers.  Whether you're exploring the outdoors or spending quality time together, lounging on a lazy Sunday—let your caption give a glimpse into the time shared between you and your dog. 

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Is your dog chill or rambunctious? Shy or fearless? Capture what makes you love your dog most and share it. Our favorite photos make us feel like we know the dog in frame.

Now that we've shared the guidelines to give you the best chance of being featured, you're ready to submit. Go ahead and click below to send us your image, along with caption and your Instagram handle.