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Each year, 670 thousand adoptable dogs are euthanized in the United States. We make it easier for you to help these shelter dogs get the food they need to survive while they wait to be rescued into their forever home. For product you buy from us, you provide a meal to a dog in need

Meet our rescue dog, Brody

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Really *easy* to clip. It’s nice to have a sturdy collar that works smoothly and is easy to release without having to push too hard. It also feels great to have given food to a dog in need with my purchase.

Cam B.

I LOVE this collar! I’ve had dogs for the last 20 years so I’ve bought a lot of collars - and I can confidently say that the quality of this one is really high!  I will definitely be buying again for future pups! So far it’s been worth every penny.

Kimi C.

Love this collar. Easy to wash, keeps its vibrant color and seems durable enough to last a long time. Clearly made out of high quality materials.

Joe L.

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