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dachshund dog hug why dogs don't like hugs

Do Dogs Like Hugs?

Hugging is an effective way to show love and an important...
on April 06, 2020
easter pet safety border collie dog bunny ears easter eggs egg hunt

Easter Safety For Pets

Easter is a holiday filled with chocolate, egg hunts and bunnies....
on April 06, 2020
german wirehaired pointer dog vet veterinary medicine stethoscope coronavirus covid-19 sars-cov-2

Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?

We're in the midst of uncertain and stressful times with the...
on March 30, 2020
german shorthaired pointer dog bed sleeping dirty clean wash bedding

How Dirty Is Your Dog's Bed? And How To Clean It

Our dog's may not be as hygienic as we are, but that...
on March 30, 2020
golden retriever puppy puppies dog dogs box whine whining

Why Puppies Whine And What To Do About It

Getting a puppy is super fun and, simultaneously, super exhausting....
on March 23, 2020
golden retriever puppy dog checklist toy dog bed teething

Puppy Adoption Checklist: 30 Things For Your New Dog

So you've decided to get a puppy! Now you're wondering...
on March 23, 2020


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