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How To Improve Your Dog's Bad Breath: 4 Remedies For Smelly And Bad Breath In Dogs

Imagine this scenario: you come home and your pup missed you so much that you get tons of puppy kisses. You love the affection but then you smell his or her breath...yikes. If he or she were human, there would be several easy fixes like mouthwash, mints, gum and toothpaste. But what's the solution for your pup? Here's how to improve your dog's bad breath with these four remedies for smelly and bad breath in dogs:

1. Brush Their Teeth

Just like humans, dogs also need their teeth cleaned and the easiest way to do that is to brush them. There are plenty of special dog toothbrushes out there, as well as special dog toothpastes that come in a variety of flavors your dog will enjoy. Make sure the toothpaste you use is safe for ingestion, since your dog will likely swallow some. For example, enzymatic type toothpastes are both safe and effective at breaking down tartar for fresh breath.

2. Give Them Things To Chew On

Chewing is an easy and natural (as well fun and entertaining!) way to clean your dogs teeth. Not only does it help prevent tartar and plaque buildup, it also can help prevent gum disease. As a result, it can help reduce bad breath. Look for bully sticks, natural bones or antlers and nylabones, as those are safest for your pup.

3. Supplement Their Diet

Unfortunately, bad breath in canines is a common issue but fortunately, this has led to the creation of several alternative solutions. Examples include dental chew treats, breath fresheners, water supplements and doggie mouthwash. If you're looking for a more natural supplement to beat bad dog breath, look to fresh parsley - it's safe for canine consumption and all you need to do is sprinkle some onto their food. 

4. Keep Their Water Fresh

One lesser known cause of bad breath in dogs is drinking water that isn't the most fresh. Clean water will help freshen your dog's breath, so it's recommended that you change his or her water every day. If your dog is a big drooler, he or she may need you to change their water more than once a day. Also remember to clean their water bowl regularly to prevent buildup of bacteria, which can also worsen your dog's breath.

Pro Tip: While bad breath is usually just an inconvenience, sometimes it can indicate something more serious is going on with your dog. Because of this, it's best to monitor your dog's dental health regularly. See a vet if the issue persists or worsens - signs that it's time to visit the vet include red gums, broken teeth and severe tartar buildup.

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My baby her breathe is bad because she chooses to feast on he mate’s poo! We have talked to her Vet and followed her instructions but it didn’t work!!


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