Pembroke welsh corgi dogs in kitchen on geometric mid century modern rug with plants in background

If Dog Breeds Were Popular Interior Design Styles

Dogs are my biggest passion in life, which is probably unsurprising since I write a blog about them. But I do have a couple other passions, like basketball and interior design and decorating. I thought I'd marry the latter with my passion for dogs, so here's a fun take on if dog breeds were popular interior design styles.

The Method

I looked at 12 popular design styles and identified various key or defining characteristics - most notably colors, textures, patterns and shapes, materials and furniture design. I then went through and did my best to pair those with dog breeds that match those elements. So the dogs appearances will fall into the color, texture, pattern, shapes, etc of that specific style. Enjoy! 

1. Bohemian (a.k.a. Boho)

comfortable apartment in bohemian boho design style hygge

Bohemian or boho interior design is free-spirited, organic, global, comfortable and cozy. It is characterized by mixing and layering patterns, textures, colors and furnishing while typically taking on a "more is more" or maximalist approach.

bohemian boho design style bedroom living room bathroom

Key characteristics and elements:

  • Colors - Browns, tans, grays, white, warm earthy colors

  • Textures - Wood grain, fringe, crochet, macramé, silk, chenille, plush, woven, knitted, beaded, boucle, natural textures

  • Patterns and Shapes - Geometric, tribal, circular, asymmetrical, nature-inspired or other natural patterns and shapes

  • Materials - Wood, burlap, sisal, pampas grass, other natural materials

  • Furniture - Wood, low to ground, overstuffed, not always streamlined or straight-backed

Dog breeds (top left to right, bottom left to right): Goldendoodle, Golden retriever, Rough Collie, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverKomondor, Irish Setter

golden doodle golden retriever rough collie dog dogs

Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever toller Komondor irish setter red setter dog dogs

    2. Coastal

    grey gray coastal design style living room furniture

    Coastal design (not to be confused with nautical design) is light, airy, soft and casual. It uses neutral colors, especially those found seaside, and natural textures for a breezy beach look.

    coastal interior design bedroom living room and couch

    Key characteristics and elements:  

    • Colors - White, creams, beiges, grays, watery hues, neutral accents; beige, light brown or light gray woods

    • Textures - Rope, driftwood, wicker, straw, seagrass, jute, rattan, woo grain, other natural textures

    • Patterns and Shapes - Subtle, linear (ex: stripes, herringbone), nature-inspired (ex: palms, florals, etc.)
    • Materials - Wood, burlap, sisal, pampas grass, other natural materials

    • Furniture - Soft, comfortable, not too light or heavy; wicker, rattan and weathered woods; simple fabrics that are not shiny

    Dog breeds (top left to right, bottom left to right): Yellow Labrador Retriever, Border Terrier French BulldogPug, Wirehaired Vizsla, Standard Schnauzer

    yellow lab Labrador retriever border terrier French bulldog dog dogs

    pug wire-haired vizsla standard schnauzer dog dogs 

    3. French Country

    French country design style kitchen and table chairs credenza

    French country is a mix of rustic and refined, inspired by home from the French countryside (specifically Provence). It combines the ornate, graceful, elegance of French decor with the natural, distressed and comfortable elements of rural Provencal homes.

    French country design style bedroom bed bed frame pillows couch painted white washed furniture

    Key characteristics and elements:

    • Colors - White, creams, beiges, taupes, grays, neutral and warm tones

    • Textures - Distressed, weathered and painted wood; natural textures; sometimes fringe or lace; tufting

    • Patterns and Shapes - Soft and subtle (ex: toile, damasks, roosters and borders)
    • Materials - Wood, burlap, sisal, pampas grass, natural materials, stone, wrought iron and worn metal accents, brick floors

    • Furniture - Feminine curves and curved legs; carved, painted, whitewashed, distressed and weathered woods; tufted chairs and sofas; vintage furnishings; (ex: Louis armchairs, French bistro chairs, crane back beds, pedestal tables)

    Dog breeds (top left to right, bottom left to right): Greyhound, Poodle ,Whippet, Sloughi, Italian Greyhound, Bedlington Terrier

    greyhound poodle whippet dog dogs

    sloughi Italian greyhound bedlington terrier dog dogs

    4. Hollywood Regency (a.k.a Hollywood Glam)

    hollywood regency glam glamour interior design style

    Hollywood regency or Hollywood glam is luxurious, dramatic, sophisticated, bold and upscale. It was inspired by Hollywood in the 1920s to 30s and influenced by styles like Art Deco, midcentury modern and neoclassicism. The style aims to bring glitz and glam into everyday living while still being uncluttered and edited.

    hollywood regency glam glamour style living room bathroom rooms

    Key characteristics and elements:

    • Colors - Black, white, grays, bold pops of color (particularly jewel tones)

    • Textures - Plush, smooth, shiny, silky, shaggy, tufting

    • Patterns and Shapes - Animal prints, geometric, neoclassical, Art Deco, Greek

    • Materials - Lacquer, marble, metal, glass, silk, fur, velvet, satin, leather, sheepskin; rich, comfortable fabrics

    • Furniture - Smooth, clean lines but also with embellishments and decorative details; soft fabrics and tufting; mix of Art Deco and vintage (like antiques and Victorian styles)

    Dog breeds (top left to right, middle left to right, bottom left to right): Dalmatian, Giant Schnauzer, Siberian Husky, Flat-Coated Retriever, Samoyed, Great Dane, Afghan Hound, Border Collie, Belgian Sheepdog

    Dalmatian giant schnauzer Siberian husky dog dogs

    flat coated retriever samoyed Great Dane dog dogs

    afghan hound border collie belgian sheepdog shepherd dog dogs

    5. Industrial

    industrial interior design style living room loft exposed brick cow hide

    Industrial design is inspired by factories and warehouses from the Industrial Revolution. It blends rustic, raw and unfinished elements with modern touches, minimalism and open spaces for a masculine but lived-in feel. Industrial design is often associated with city lofts but can be found in homes and apartments anywhere. 

    industrial interior design style living room bedroom kitchen

    Key characteristics and elements:

    • Colors - Grays, black, browns, tans, dark neutrals, white and cream accents; metallic silvers, grays, and copper

    • Textures - Distressed, metallic, leathery, wood grain, exposed brick and stone, natural textures

    • Patterns and Shapes - Grids (ex: on windows), cow hides, geometric

    • Materials - Metal (ex: steel, iron and copper), brick, leather, concrete, cow hides; exposed ductwork, piping, beams

    • Furniture - Clean, graphic lines; modern mixed with antique or vintage, repurposed

    Dog breeds (top left to right, middle left to right, bottom left to right): Weimaraner, Australian Cattle Dog, Rottweiler, Airedale Terrier, Xoloitzcuintli, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Bluetick Coonhound, Boxer, Kerry Blue Terrier

    weimaraner australian cattle dog heeler rottweiler dog dogs

    airedale terrier Xoloitzcuintli catahoula leopard dog dogs

    blue tick coonhound boxer Kerry blue terrier dog dogs

    6. Mediterranean

    mediterranean interior design style living room exposed wood beams stucco fireplace 

    Mediterranean design is a variation of coastal with a more old-world feel. It is based on the styles found in countries around the Mediterranean Sea - like Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco - each of which has their own distinct take. Mediterranean style is rustic, imperfect and warm while also being fresh, airy and romantic.

    mediterranean interior design style fireplace room stucco terracotta arches

    Key characteristics and elements:

    • Colors - White, creams, light neutrals with accents of oranges, reds, browns and golden tones (like terracotta, chestnut, burnt umber, oxblood, ochre and other yellows)

    • Textures - Imperfect stucco and plaster walls, wood grain, exposed stone, sandy textures, natural textures

    • Patterns and Shapes - Arches, mosaics, tiles, sculptural shapes

    • Materials - Exposed beams and stone, tile, wood, rattan, ceramic, terracotta, iron, rope, jute, straw, wicker, linen, cotton

    • Furniture - Simple yet bold, rustic or slightly rustic, vintage, sometimes handcrafted and hand-carved

    Dog breeds (top left to right, bottom left to right): Bracco Italiano, Jack Russell Terrier, American English Coonhound, Dogo Argentino, Porcelaine, Brittany

    bracco italiano jack Russell terrier American English coonhound dog dogs

    dogo argentino porcelaine Brittany dog dogs

    7. Midcentury Modern

    midcentury modern interior design style living room chair couch coffee table console table

    Midcentury modern became popular in the mid-20th century with the rise of mass production and new technology along with a decrease in extravagance. It is characterized by sleek simplicity, low-profiles and minimal ornamentation. It also blends modern and futuristic, space-age features with retro ones through geometric, angular lines and curved, organic shapes.

    midcentury modern interior design style kitchen living room chair couch furniture

    Key characteristics and elements:

    • Colors - White, black, grays, neutral colors, wood tones, color accents

    • Textures - Smooth, leather, woven and knitted; some plush, velvet, shag

    • Patterns and Shapes - Geometric, angular, curved, round or circular, organic (ex: kidneys and boomerangs), space age and retro (ex: starbursts and dots)

    • Materials - Wood, metal, glass, vinyl, Lucite, fiberglass, marble

    • Furniture - Curved; wood and teak; simple, low-profile; wood or metal hairpin-style legs; not clunky or heavy

    Dog breeds (top left to right, bottom left to right): Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Basset Hound, Dachshund, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sussex Spaniel, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Pembroke welsh corgi basset hound dachshund dog dogs

    cavalier King Charles spaniel Sussex spaniel Staffordshire Bull terrier dog dogs

    8. Modern

    modern interior design style kitchen dining room table chairs living room

    Modern style (not to be confused with contemporary) arose in the early 20th century, focusing on a sleek, simple, uncluttered minimalist and neutral approach. It is characterized by monochromatic colors, clean lines, low-profile furnishings and a lack of excessive detailing.

    modern interior design style kitchen bathroom bedroom bed bed frame bar stools chairs

    Key characteristics and elements:

    • Colors - White, black, grays, beiges, monochromatic color scheme, sometimes earthy colors

    • Textures - Smooth, shiny, lack of detailing

    • Patterns and shapes - Geometric, angular, horizontal and vertical lines

    • Materials - Wood, leather, natural fibers, metals (ex: steel and chrome); shiny and reflective materials (ex: glass and lacquer), concrete

    • Furniture - Simple; straight lines and backs; sometimes low and long

    Dog breeds (top left to right, bottom left to right): Schipperke, Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier, Cane Corso, Thai Ridgeback, Doberman Pinscher

    schipperke Boston terrier bull terrier dog dogs

    cane corso thai ridgeback doberman pinscher dog dogs

    9. Modern Farmhouse

    modern farmhouse interior design style kitchen island bar stools pendants range hood

    Modern farmhouse style, popularized by designers like Joanna and Chip Gaines of "Fixer Upper," mixes rustic, country and traditional elements with minimalistic modern touches. It arose as a response to the minimalism of the 1990s and early 2000s, adding back in some comfort, warmth, coziness and charm without being fussy. It has organic and imperfect features while maintaining a contemporary freshness.

    modern farmhouse interior design style kitchen dining room bathroom office exposed beams wagon wheel chandelier

    Key characteristics and elements:

    • Colors - White, creams, accents of earthy colors (ex: reddish or orange browns, terracottas, tans, beiges) as well as blacks, dark grays and light grays; matte gold and copper; light brown, dark brown or gray wood flooring

    • Textures - Woven and knitted fabrics, wool, boucle, wood grain, natural textures, distressed or weathered wood and metal

    • Patterns and Shapes - Simple, organic, tribal, plaids, stripes

    • Materials - Wood, reclaimed wood, leather, natural fibers and materials, matte metals, wrought iron, copper, soft brass, wide plank flooring, wood beams

    • Furniture - Simple, low and long, clean lines, mix of vintage and modern, larger and comfortable

    Dog breeds (top left to right, bottom left to right): Beagle, Australian Shepherd, Wire Fox Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, American Foxhound, Akita
    beagle australian shepherd wirehair fox terrier dog dogs

    parson Russell terrier American foxhound akita dog dogs

    10. Rustic

    rustic interior design style living room fireplace dining room exposed stone wood

    Rustic design brings the outdoors inside by focusing on natural and nature-inspired, organic, aged and distressed earthy elements. It's characterized by simplicity, warmth, comfort, coziness, charm and a lack of pretentiousness or over-embellishment. It is most often associated with log cabins, mountain homes and farms, but can be applied to many other design styles.

    rustic interior design style bathroom kitchen living room exposed beams stone stonework copper animal

    Key characteristics and elements:

    • Colors - Beiges, browns, grays, warm neutrals, earthy colors, creams, white 

    • Textures - Rough, gritty, wood grain, exposed stone, natural textures, woven, knitted, boucle, fur-like, distressed or weathered wood, lack of sheen

    • Patterns and Shapes - Simple, organic, animal print

    • Materials - Wood, reclaimed wood, leather, stone, raw and natural materials, brick, copper and other metal, jute, burlap, canvas, wool, woven and knitted fabrics, animal hides and fur

    • Furniture - Simple and streamlined, large and heavy, square legs, deep and dark leathers

    Dog breeds (top left to right, middle left to right, bottom left to right): Neapolitan Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, Alaskan Malamute, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bloodhound, Dogue de Bordeaux, Scottish Deerhound, Leonberger

    neapolitan mastiff Saint Bernard Irish wolfhound dog dogs

    Alaskan malamute Bernese mountain dog bloodhound dog dogs

    dogue de Bordeaux French mastiff Scottish deerhound leonberger dog dogs

    11. Scandinavian

    scandinavian interior design style living room couch chair coffee table wood

    Scandinavian design comes from the Nordic style and minimalism of northern European countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Greenland (with some including Finland and Iceland as well). It arose from a desire to return to nature in response to the Industrial Revolution. It emphasizes minimalism, functionality and sustainability while still incorporating coziness or hygge (a defining characteristic of Danish culture involving cozy and comfortable qualities that give the feeling of contentment and well-being). Scandinavian design is typically natural or nature-inspired and organic, simple, unembellished and uncluttered.

    scandinavian interior design style living room bedroom dining room chairs bed nightstand tables wood furniture

    Key characteristics and elements:

    • Colors - White, beiges, light browns and grays, warm neutrals and muted colors; sometimes accented with soft color like pastels; light brown and blonde woods

    • Textures - Natural textures, wood, stone, painted brick, leathery, woven, knitted, plush, boucle

    • Patterns and Shapes - Simple, organic, geometric, sometimes floral

    • Materials - Wood, stone, raw and natural materials, painted brick, wool, woven and knitted fabrics, sheepskin, leather, rope, ceramics

    • Furniture - Simple profiles, clean lines, soft and organic shapes, rounded edges, sharp angles, tapered arms and legs, handcrafted feel

    Dog breeds (top left to right, middle left to right, bottom left to right): Pharaoh Hound, Vizsla, Ibizan Hound, Basenji, Saluki, Borzoi, Azawakh, Shiba Inu, Kuvasz

    pharaoh hound vizsla Ibizan hound dog dogs

    basenji saluki borzoi dog dogs

    azawakh shiba inu kuvasz dog dogs

    12. Traditional

    traditional interior design style bedroom bed frame nightstands chandelier coffered ceiling wood wall paneling

    Timeless interior design is classic and timeless, rooted in the past with a collected-over-time feel but not tied to any individual time period. It is most often based on the conventional style of European homes in the 18th and 19th century. It is curated and put together, characterized by architectural detailing and charm, while also being comfortable, warm and not overly formal.

    traditional interior design style bathroom living room fireplace clawfoot tub wainscoting

    Key characteristics and elements:

    • Colors - White, creams, light beiges, light neutrals, accents of dark and rich tones or jewel tones; gold and silver; dark, warm and rich woods

    • Textures - Wood detailing (ex: wainscoting, columns, wood paneling, crown molding), smooth fabrics, some plush, tufting

    • Patterns and Shapes - Simple and subtle, florals, stripes, damask, plaids, Persian style patterns, dotted tile

    • Materials - Wood, cotton, wool, velvet, fur, silk, heavy fabrics, silver and gold metal

    • Furniture - Heavier, wood and upholstery, tufted, somewhat ornate and regal (ex: clawfoot tubs, wingback chairs, Queen Anne chairs); involves curves (ex: cabriole legs)

    Dog breeds (top left to right, bottom left to right): Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, German Shorthaired Pointer, English Springer Spaniel, Curly-Coated Retriever, Clumber Spaniel

    brown chocolate lab Labrador retriever cardigan welsh corgi German shorthaired pointer Gap dog dogs

    English springer spaniel curly coated retriever clumber spaniel dog dogs

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