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The Pros Of Using A Standard Six Foot Leash

Do you know how many types of dog leashes there are? You've got four foot long, six foot long, eight foot long, retractable, martingale, multi-dog, adjustable, flat lead, slip lead, bungee, reflective and more. Plus there's all kinds of materials, from nylon to rope, leather to chain and beyond. With the wide variety of options out there, it can be hard to choose the right leash. Your best bet is probably the standard six foot long leash, especially when in doubt. Why? Here are just a few of the pros of using a standard six foot leash.

1. Gives you plenty of control.
2. Is still long enough for loose-leash walking to help reduce pulling (when a leash is tight, your dog's instinct is often to pull against it).
3. Allows enough freedom for your dog to sniff and explore during walks.
4. Does not leave too much slack to drag on the ground, grass or mud nor tangle around you or your dog's legs.
5. Ideal for daily walks and everyday use.
6. Works for most dog breeds, sizes and ages.
7. Helpful for training (such as leash, potty and other basic commands) especially with puppies or new dogs.
8. Short enough that it's still manageable for owners or dog walkers.
9. Easy for you to regain control, if need be.
10. It's the most common length sold, so is easier to find.

Looking for a standard six foot long leash? Check out our collection of soft - but strong and durable - patterned flat lead leashes for your canine companion!

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