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15 of The Tallest Dog Breeds In The World

Did you know that there are more than 150 different dog breeds, categorized into seven groups? They vary widely in their appearances - from fur type to color, ear shape to nose length, and beyond. One area of great variance among dog breeds is size. Some dogs (like Chihuahuas) stand just under a foot tall at the shoulder and weigh less than 10 pounds, while others (like Great Danes) can grow to be nearly three feet tall and weigh 200 pounds. We're focusing on the latter with this list of 14 of the world's tallest dog breeds:

1. Afghan Hound

Afghan hound dog sitting in chair model photo shoot white background

Height: Male: 27–29 inches (69–74 cm); Female: 24–27 inches (61–69 cm)

Weight: Male: 50–60 lbs (23–27 kg); Female: 45–55 lbs (20–25 kg) 

2. American Mastiff

american mastiff sitting on ground next to small horse pony

Height: Male: 26–36 inches (66–91 cm); Female: 26–36 inches (66–91 cm)

Weight: Male: 160–200 lbs (73–91 kg); Female: 140–180 lbs (64–82 kg) 

3. Anatolian Shepherd

anatolian shepherd standing happy dog tongue out

Height: Male: 29–32 inches (74–81 cm); Female: 28–31 inches (71–79 cm)

Weight: Male: 110–140 lbs (50–64 kg); Female: 88–120 lbs (40–54 kg)

4. Borzoi

Borzoi dog standing outside in snow winter happy smiling

Height: Male: 30–34 inches (76–86 cm); Female: 26–32 inches (66–81 cm)

Weight: Male: 75–100 lbs (34–45 kg); Female: 55–88 lbs (25–40 kg)

5. English Mastiff

english mastiff dog standing outside in grass smiling happy tongue out panting

Height: Male: 28–36 inches (70–91 cm); Female: 28–36 inches (70–91 cm)

Weight: Male: 160–230 lbs (73–104 kg); Female: 120–170 lbs (54–77 kg)

6. Great Dane

Great Dane standing in field of grass near water ocean blue skies clouds

Height: Male: 30–34 inches (76–86 cm); Female: 28–32 inches (71–81 cm)

Weight: Male: 120–200 lbs (54–91 kg); Female: 99–130 lbs (45–59 kg)

7. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees standing outside outdoors hike mountain view happy smiling dog panting tongue out

Height: Male: 28–32 inches (71–81 cm); Female: 26–29 inches (66–74 cm)

Weight: Male: 110–120 lbs (50–54 kg); Female: 80–90 lbs (36–41 kg)

8. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound dog sitting outside grass greenery

Height: Male: 32–35 inches (81–89 cm); Female: 30–34 inches (76–86 cm)

Weight: Male: 160–230 lbs (73–104 kg); Female: 120–170 lbs (54–77 kg)

9. Kangal Shepherd Dog

Kangal shepherd dog walking outside on road rocks desert

Height: Male: 30–34 inches (76–86 cm); Female: 28–30 inches (71–76 cm)

Weight: Male: 110–150 lbs (50–68 kg); Female: 90–120 lbs (41–54 kg)

10. Leonberger

leonberger dog running outside in field with bushes

Height: Male: 28–31 inches (71–79 cm); Female: 26–30 inches (66–76 cm)

Weight: Male: 100–160 lbs (45–73 kg); Female: 90–130 lbs (41–59 kg)

11. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog standing outside with human person owner kneeling licking face

Height: Male: 27–29 inches (69–74 cm); Female: 25–27 inches (63–69 cm)

Weight: Male: 130–150 lbs (59–70 kg); Female: 99–120 lbs (45–54 kg) 

12. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff dog standing outside in grass autumn fall season orange leaves trees

Height: Male: 25–30 inches (63–76 cm); Female: 23–28 inches (58–71 cm)

Weight: Male: 130–150 lbs (59–68 kg); Female: 110–130 lbs (50–59 kg)

13. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard dog sitting on ground happy panting tongue out white background photo model session

Height: Male: 28–35 inches (71–89 cm); Female: 26–31 inches (66–79 cm)

Weight: Male: 140–180 lbs (64–82 kg); Female 120–140 lbs (54–64 kg)

14. Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound dog standing outside in field grass flowers weeds

Height: Male: 30–32 inches (76–81 cm), Female: 28–30 inches (71–76 cm)

Weight: Male: 85 to 110 pounds (39–50 kg); Female: 75 to 95 pounds (34–43 kg)

15. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff dog standing in yard with snow winter fenced in backyard snowy trees

Height: Male: 26–30 inches (66–76 cm), Female: 24–28 inches (61–71 cm)

Weight: Male: 100–160 lbs (45–73 kg), Female: 75–120 lbs (34–54 kg)
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