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What Are Zoomies And Why Do Dogs Get Them?

Have you ever been minding your own business when suddenly your dog starts wildly running around in circles with an arched back and big grin, excitement in the eyes, tongue flopping around? Your dog hasn't gone crazy, they just have the zoomies. We've all been there and all have had a good laugh watching our dogs run around in such a wild and goofy manner. But what exactly are zoomies? Here is some more information about them:

What Are Zoomies?

Formally known as frenetic random activity periods (FRAP), zoomies are bursts of energy that dogs simply can't contain, causing them to run around and expend that energy. It's believed to be caused by both pent-up energy and joy, and affects dogs of all breeds, genders and ages. However, older dogs do tend to get zoomies less as they age, while puppies may get zoomies daily or even multiple times a day. Zoomies can also be infectious, meaning one dog's FRAP can trigger another's.

Where Do Zoomies Happen?

Zoomies can happen both inside and outside. Indoor zoomies typically occur just once a day at the same time, as dogs are creatures of habit. Outdoor zoomies are usually triggered by specific situations, such as the first snowfall, the dog park or a trip to the beach.

What Are Common Triggers of Zoomies?

One of the most common triggers for FRAP is bath time. Most dogs get the zoomies after getting a good cleaning and being toweled off. And while it's tempting to let your dog run off their post-bath zoomies outside, beware that he or she may roll on the ground and need a second bath.

Another common trigger of zoomies is winter. This is because zoomies are often caused by pent-up energy, which is common during the colder months when dogs are typically less active. 

If you notice your dog has daily zoomies, it may be a sign that he or she isn't getting enough physical exercise or mental stimulation. You can try increasing the length of your walks or come up with ways to exercise indoors, like playtime or throwing around kibble during meal time.

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