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What To Put On Your Dog's Identification Tags

One in three dogs will go missing at some point in their lives, according to the American Humane Association. Fortunately, we have a lot of technology today that can help during these heartbreaking situations, like microchipping and apps. Even social media can help spread the world of a lost pet more easily and effectively today. But despite all of these advances in today's society, it's still beneficial to have dog collar tags. Here's an overview of what you might want to put on your dog's identification tags.

Why Dog ID Tags Are Important

Proper, personalized ID tags are one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to prevent your dog from getting lost and being lost forever. Even if your dog is well-trained, you never know what will happen, from catching wind of a scent they can't resist following to natural disasters separating you two.

Pro Tip: Microchipping is widely recommended and a great preventative measure to take for these situations. Just remember that your dog will need to be taken to a vet or shelter to check the microchip and some people simply won't bother to do this.

What To Put On Your Dog's ID Tag 

Here are some things to put on your dog's ID tags. The tags are small and have limited space, so you may have to pick and choose what to put on them. Just make sure to have some form of contact information so there's at least one way to reach you.

  1. Your dog's name
  2. Your phone number or two (think about adding the number for your significant other, roommate, neighbor, friend, etc.)
  3. Your city (and if it fits, your entire address)
  4. Your vet's contact information
  5. Medical needs (especially if urgent)
  6. Microchip information (if strangers know your dog is microchipped, it increases the chances that they take them somewhere to get it scanned)
  7. Personal Message (e.g. "please call my family," "I'm friendly," "if you find me on my own, I'm lost," "If I'm alone, I'm lost and want to go home," etc.)
  8. A reward (this can increase the chances of someone returning your dog)

Pro Tip: Wearing ID tags also makes your dog more approachable to strangers. Without them, people might think your dog is a stray and not take action.

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