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18 Dog Hiking Essentials, Accessories And Hiking Gear For Dogs And Owners

Dogs love being outside, which makes hiking a great activity to do with your canine companion. It provides physical exercise, mental stimulation and self-care as you escape everyday stresses, get some fresh air and move your body. It's important, however, to be prepared and safe on your hikes, so here are 18 hiking gear essentials for you and your dog.

Basic Gear For Your Dog

Collar With Tags

It's always a good idea for your dog to wear a collar with identification tags, whether you're hiking or not. But having a secure collar while on the trail will allow you to grab your dog if need be. In addition, up-to-date identification tags will help you more quickly reunite in case of separation. It's also recommended you have your dog microchipped and registered if you'll be going on adventures together.

Pro Tip: It's not a great idea to use a choke collar, but especially when hiking. If it gets caught on a low branch, it could strangle your dog.

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